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Sensible Direct Access Membership

Don't have insurance, or do you have a costly high-deductible health insurance plan? 

Sensible Family Healthcare offers a solution with our Sensible Direct Access Membership.


  • Priority scheduling for office visits, telehealth appointments, and phone calls 

  • Self-schedule your appointments 

  • Access to low-cost imaging, labs, and medications through a 3rd party vendor 

  • Discounted in-office procedures and point-of-care testing 

  • Great for patients without insurance or with high deductible insurance plans 

  • Membership covers 90% of typical medical needs 


How it works


  • Pay a low $30/month per person for membership access to clinical care for a year 

  • No initial sign-up fees 

  • Payment plans available (yearly, quarterly, monthly), with discounts for yearly and quarterly plans 

  • Free preventive physicals; $10 office, telehealth, and phone visits for everything else! 

This program is not health insurance. Members usually are able to choose higher deductible coverage, ultimately saving significantly on healthcare costs. SFHC recommends purchasing insurance or joining a healthcare sharing ministry.   





Additional Services

  • Preventive visits $0, No cost 

  • Copay for a non-preventive visit, $10 

  • Prescription of reduced cost medications, Prices vary 

  • Reduced cost testing and labs, Prices vary 

  • Reduced cost office procedures and Point-of-Care testing, Prices vary 

  • LIPO-C and B-12 injection programs, starting at $25 - click here to learn more

  • Weight loss coaching programs, starting at $25, click here to learn more

paid monthly

paid 2x/year
inc. 5% discount

paid annually
inc. 10% discount
Sensible Direct Access Membership Disclosures

The Patient hereby agrees to enroll as a member in the Practice's direct access membership program ("Sensible Direct Access Membership ") beginning on the Effective Date set when the agreement has been signed. Participation in the Sensible Direct Access Membership includes only the Covered Services specifically described in this agreement. The Practice may add or discontinue Covered Services at any time, as it may choose at its sole discretion. The Practice shall provide at least sixty (60) days advance written notice upon any change to the Covered Services listed in this agreement. 

  • Annual Preventative Comprehensive Physical Exam $0 Copay 

  • Medication Management, Problem Focused Visits $10 Copay -these visits include: Limited Exam, Diagnosis, Plan of Care, Prescriptions (if necessary) 

  • Referrals (if appropriate) $10 Copay 

  • Estimate of Cost for Office Procedure $10 Copy. Examples: Ear Lavage, EKG, Skin Tag Removal, Ingrown Toenail, Suturing, Joint Injection, etc. (Procedure Cost will vary [$20-$250]. I will apply a Copay Credit to the bill if the Procedure is Performed)  

  • Sports Physicals $10 Copay 

  • Labs – Cost varies ($2-$200) 


Patients must agree to keep their credit card on file for the duration of the 12-month Sensible Direct Access Membership term. Patients may change credit card numbers at any time.  


The Sensible Direct Access Membership is not health insurance. The primary care provider will not file any claims against the Patient's health insurance policy or plan to reimburse any primary care services covered by the agreement. This agreement does not qualify as minimum essential coverage to satisfy the individual shared responsibility provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 26 U.S.C. s. 5000A. This agreement is not workers' compensation insurance and does not replace an employer's obligations under chapter 440. 


The Practice may amend the Sensible Direct Access Membership Fee Schedule at any time with 60 days' notice posted to the members.  


If the Patient is unable to pay the monthly Sensible Direct Access Membership Fee in full and on time, the Practice may, in its sole discretion, may/will terminate this Sensible Direct Access Membership Agreement. The Patient's responsibility is to maintain a correct and up-to-date credit/debit card number and address on file. 


The Patient understands and acknowledges that Patient is responsible for any charges incurred for health care services performed outside of the physical office space location as set forth above, including, but not limited to, emergency room visits, hospital and specialist care, and imaging and lab tests performed by third parties.  


The Patient shall also be responsible for any charges incurred for health care services provided by the Practice but not explicitly described. The membership fee covers most services provided in the office; however, there may be an additional financial responsibility for the Patient based on services provided (an estimate of the cost of these services will be provided to the Patient before they are performed).  


The Practice strongly encourages the Patient to maintain health insurance during the term of the Sensible Direct Access Membership Agreement to cover services that are not provided under this Membership Agreement. Patients should purchase health insurance to cover unpredictable and catastrophic expenses at a minimum. 


I authorize Sensible Family Healthcare to charge my credit card for agreed-upon purchases. I understand that my information will be saved to file for future transactions on my account.  

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