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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we choose to start our own practice?

Access to healthcare is limited which results in delayed care. Many patients also avoid healthcare clinics and healthcare facilities due to a variety of reasons including COVID concerns. Our goal is patient centered care. This is achieved through telehealth visits and home visits. We treat you like family with a personalized approach.  

Why should I choose Sensible Family Healthcare as my healthcare provider?

We provide convenient personalized care. If you are ready for a change and no longer want to feel like you are stuck in a revolving cycle you should choose us. If you want to establish care with a healthcare provider that will get to know you and understand your concerns lets get started.  

How does a Nurse become a Nurse Practitioner or an NP?

First NP's have to complete the training and licensure process to become a registered nurse. And then they can apply to a program that offers Nurse Practitioner training, they continue through that additional education and licensure process to become a Nurse Practitioner. All Nurse Practitioners must hold at a minimum, a masters and or a doctoral degree.


What healthcare services does a Nurse Practitioner provide?

NPs provide advanced primary, acute and specialty care for all types of patients. In every state, NPs assess patients, order and interpret tests, make diagnoses and provide treatment – including prescribing medications.


Where do Nurse Practitioners work?

Nurse Practitioners can be found in outpatient clinics, acute care hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, nursing homes and private practices nationwide.


Why is a Nurse Practitioners perspective different?

Nurse Practitioners blend clinical expertise with an added emphasis on disease prevention and health management. Nurse Practitioners bring a comprehensive perspective to health care which begins by listening to and spending time with patients to develop a personalized plan to reach an individual's optimal health.


Is the cost of a Nurse Practitioners healthcare services less costly than a physician?

Yes, sometimes as it depends on the insurance payer such as Medicare. Nurse Practitioners are reimbursed at 85% of the typical fee structure that physicians are reimbursed for the same services.

What makes a Nurse Practitioners qualified to deliver medical services?

Nurse Practitioners are qualified to deliver comprehensive, advanced care. NPs have at least six years of advanced academic and clinical training, including a master’s or doctoral degree. NPs pass rigorous national certification exams and meet state licensure requirements.

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Bill is a Neighborhood Nurse Practitioner 

Neighborhood Nurse was founded to enable Nurse Practitioners to own and operate their own practices. We firmly believe that Nurse Practitioners are a key component to the looming primary care shortage and are a proven choice by patients. We believe that Nurse Practitioners can provide high quality, affordable, and personalized care at an unmatched convenience. Our solutions provide Nurse Practitioners with the with the tools and resources to do what they do best: provide healthcare services, while, we provide turn-key front and back-office solutions. 

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